Traumatic Brain Injury May Lead To Stroke

Brain Injury Could Lead To Stroke

Most people have heard about traumatic brain injury and more and more of us are coming to know someone who’s been affected by TBI. We get tidbits of information about how these injuries occur from our local news channel telling us about car accidents and boat accidents, or National News stories talking about soldiers returning home from war with brain injuries. Up until now we thought a brain injury was just that, but unfortunately we’re learning there’s a lot more to it than that.

“A recent study concluded that people who have a traumatic brain injury may be more likely to suffer a stroke…Dallas Brain Injury Lawyer

And while the chances of having a stroke are still small, incurring a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be as big a risk factor as is high blood pressure, said study author Dr. James Burke.

While stroke risk is usually tied to older adults, about 20 percent occur in those under 65, said Burke, a research fellow in the neurology department at the University of Michigan Medical School. “Stroke is not typically associated with young people, and why younger people have strokes is not well understood.”

But when younger adults do suffer a stroke, the effects can be daunting.” By Barbara Bronson GrayBrain Injury May Raise Stroke Risk – WebMD

Few things are as scary as having a family member diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. 

With this new study adding the risk of a Stroke on top of a brain injury, it makes a very scary situation even more scary, if that’s even possible.

When a family member gets injured the first thing we think about is getting them the care they need to get them healthy. Now we need to be even more vigilante to get the best possible care so they not only get well, but they hopefully avoid even more calamity with the possibility of a stroke.

While the medical case is evolving, so to is life…

  • Responsible parties don’t often step forward
  • Insurance companies don’t always do the right thing by their customers
  • And none of it is convenient
  • or fair

Anyone in the US with a family member facing these circumstances will find this new study alarming. Residents of California and Texas may find it’s best to seek advice from a Dallas Brain Injury Attorney to help them navigate these troubled waters. Either way…the news keeps evolving when it comes to Brain Injury and TBI.

Brain Tissue Bank For TBI Research

Dallas Brain Injury Lawyer

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has become a far more common occurrence in the US most often through work place or vehicular accidents. Fortunately recent military applications may once again find usefulness in civilian life to help researchers find helpful solutions for brain injury victims.

The ‘Military Times’ recently came out with an story about how the Pentagon is attacking the dramatic increase in Traumatic Brain Injury to our servicemen…

“The Pentagon has established the world’s first and only brain tissue repository dedicated to helping researchers better understand traumatic brain injury in service members and improve care for victims.

Concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries have long been a risk for troops in combat who repeatedly endure exposure to blasts from roadside bombs. Studies estimate that several hundred thousand troops may have suffered blast-related concussions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are significant numbers of service members suffering from problems with brain function, whether it’s sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, behavior problems, memory problems, mood disorder, a significant suicide problem,” said Dr. Daniel Perl, a neuropathologist and director of the brain tissue repository. “It’s unclear how much of that is actually related to damage to the brain and we need to sort this out.” Brain tissue bank improves TBI research | Military Times 

The number of military personnel affected by TBI is huge because of IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) according to this article by DODLive…

“Traumatic Brain Injury is a big deal. It has affected 266,810 service members between 2000 and 2010 alone. When you think about this injury, it’s easy to focus on those types of TBI associated with major trauma or death. In all actuality – according to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center – penetrating, severe, and even moderate TBI only represent 11% of the TBI cases among service members. The largest incidence is those classified as mild (82%). 6.8% of TBI is not classifiable… Hidden Dangers of Mild TBI | DoDLive

This massive increase in brain injuries to our military personnel abroad and subsequent increase in research into treating Traumatic Brain Injury like the new Brain Tissue Bank For TBI Research will eventually lead to more discoveries that will ultimately help Americans that experience brain injuries from work and automotive related events.

Individuals or family members who are experiencing issues with TBI and looking for information can speak with a Dallas Brain Injury Lawyer who has decades of experience helping people with legal matters related to their brain injuries.

Serious car accidents can lead to traumatic brain injury.

Serious car accidents can lead to traumatic brain injury.

In this case a young woman suffered not only a a broken skull but the right portion of her brain was completely exposed leaving her with severe brain trauma. After suffering tramatic brain injury (TBI) she also lost the use of the left side of her body. What’s interesting in this case is that she recovered much faster than doctors taking care of her believed possible.

Doctors gave up hope concluding she was brain dead.

Brain Injury

Even after 2 surgeries and intensive physical therapy doctors still believed there was little chance for her to live a normal life. Fortunately, despite severe trauma, she never went into a coma or lose any memory which is almost unheard of with a severe brain injury.

Not only did this young woman recover, she went onto college and graduated. According to the young woman, “God truly is awesome.”

Unfortunately car accidents involving brain injury occur quite frequently. That in and of itself represents a major issue for car drivers today, but that’s not where the problem ends. Adding to the worries, many insurance companies love collecting premiums but don’t like paying out benefits. If you or a family member suffer some sort of head injury the last thing you need to worry about, on top of all your medical injuries and your recovery, is whether or not your insurance company or the insurance company of the person who injured you is going to step up to the plate and admit fault, and pay for your injuries and care. Victims in Texas can contact a Dallas Brain Injury Attorney with 30 years of taking insurance companies to court and winning